Top 10 Coachella Essentials and Festival Lookbook

Coachella Essentials - Yuki wearing black knitted dress by F21

I’m wearing a black knitted dress by F21

My Coachella experience this year (Weekend 1) was phenomenal since I brought all of my Coachella Essentials. I got to see many of my favorite artists such as Radiohead, SchoolBoy Q, Future, Lady Gaga, Hans Zimmer, Phantogram, The XX, Travis Scott, Justice and much more. I also got to meet plenty of chill people that were full of positive energy.

Coachella Essentials - Coachella Look - Coachella Outfit - Coachella Fashion

Coachella Fashion

Coachella Essentials - YukiBomb and Hieucow at Coachella

@YukiBomb & @Hieucow

Coachella Essentials - @YukIBomb @HieuCow

YukiBomb and HieuCow

Coming back from Coachella, I can definitely suggest a few Coachella essentials that would make your life a lot easier during the crazy 3-day music festival.

Coachella Essentials - YukiBomb wearing Tobi

YukiBomb x Tobi


Top 10 Coachella Essentials

Top 10 Coachella Essentials

  1. Hand Sanitizer – For those icky moments
  2. Hand Wipes – For getting sticky stuff off your hands or to freshen up after sweating from the heat
  3. Portable Phone Charger – Trust me, it’s a life saver
  4. Tissues –  For little accidents and patting off your face. (When I was in a very hot crowd, I would pat my face continuously to avoid my makeup melting
  5. Vitamin C – Out of all the people I know who went to Coachella, 7 out of 10 people would get sick, and so it doesn’t hurt to boost your immune system!
  6. Sunblock – make sure you don’t get aerosol cans!
  7. Lip Balm – the desert gets you pretty dry
  8. Sunglasses – For obvious reasons
  9. Bandages – If you’re wearing new shoes, you might want to keep a bandage just in case you feel a blister coming
  10. Eye drops – There’s A LOT OF DUST so eye drops can feel like a lifesaver, especially when grooving through a cool performance


Coachella Essentials - YukiBomb wearing Forever 21 and Sol Search Jewelry

Yuki wearing Forever 21 and Sol Search Jewelry

As for clothing, I do suggest wearing comfortable shoes and light clothing. If you get cold easily (like me), bring a light jacket. I just tied a denim jacket around my bag or waist so that I could have my hands free. As for what I wore, I did a quick lookbook below. If you like it, please subscribe! ^^

Yuki wearing Coachella Essentials - Forever 21 and Sol Search Jewelry

Yuki wearing Coachella Essentials –
Forever 21 and Sol Search Jewelry

Coachella Essentials - YukiBomb's Coachella Lookbook

Coachella 2017

Absolut Limelight Tent – One of the Coachella Essentials

If you’re looking for something to get you a little more pumped, I highly recommend visiting the Absolut Limelight Tent. It’s a fun tent to hang out and have a couple of drinks while dancing to a really “turnt” DJ. My favorite part of the tent was the photo booth. Pretty cool GIF to have as a Coachella souvenir. Also, please remember to enjoy responsibly; you don’t want to burn out and miss a few performances!

Coachelle Essentials - Absolut Tent w/ YukiBomb

Had a great time in the Absolut Lime Tent at Coachella

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a blast at your music festival! ^^ <3

Coachella Essentials - Ice Cream

Yuki and photographer Randy Blohm

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StyleCon 2016 | Let’s Meet Up!

StyleCon 2016

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! I can’t believe it’s already November which is the time for StyleCon! It seriously feels like yesterday was mid-October… So much as happened since the last time I wrote a blog post. Let’s have a quick overview of what I’ve done so far:

As some of you know, I modeled for Los Angeles Fashion Week! The fashion line I walked for is called Irish Latina by Rebecca Rivera. Rebecca is an extraordinary designer that studied fashion in both California and New York. I had such an awesome time that day, being able to walk on a huge lit-up runway where hundreds of cameras are pointed at you. I was nervous at first, but the moment I stepped foot onto the runway, that nervousness disappeared and I simply had fun. What was great during the show was that it was a more casual fashion show where the models can freely walk the runway. I prefer that kind of fashion show because I was able to make eye contact with the audience. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to look at them directly and give them an impression, see their expression, and create an undeviating connection. I will never forget this day!


StyleCon 2016 YukiBomb

Discount Code: YUKI

Tomorrow is STYLECON!!! I’m super excited and cannot wait for it! Just to remind you, I am a Style Influencer, so if you want a discount for your ticket, my discount code is simply YUKI.

StyleCon is tomorrow, November 5th 10am-4pm at The Hangar located in the OC Fair Grounds.

TopShop for StyleCon 2016

I’m also happy to announce that I will be modeling for TopShop on the StyleStage so see me on stage at 2:30pm! I believe I will be modeling Bomber Jackets, but we shall see tomorrow!

I haven’t chosen an outfit yet, and I took off my nail polish so that I can be pampered there at the convention. Might as well take on the full experience that StyleCon has to offer!



Meet Me at StyleCon 2016

Hi Everyone! I am excited to announce that I will be attending StyleCon as a Style Influencer!

What is StyleCon?

StyleCon is a convention that is held for all the fashion lovers, style lovers, beauty lovers, and so much more.

Top influencers, Instagrammers, bloggers, and YouTubers attend StyleCon and engage with fans and the attendees within panels and presentations. Top stylists and makeup artists will be present to give complimentary nail, makeup, and hair services.

What is unique about this convention is that StyleCon gathers brands, influencers, and millennials. Located in Orange County, StyleCon will show you current trends in the fashion and beauty scene, along with tips and tricks on all corners of your beauty and style needs.

Check out their IG here: @StyleConGirl

Want to go? GET A DISCOUNT of 15% off using my DISCOUNT CODE: YUKI at checkout ^^

For more details about meeting YukiBomb at StyleCon, visit

StyleEbrities aka Special Guests

Melanie Bromley – Emmy Nominated TV personality, Chief News Correspondent of E! News and E! Online

Twila True – a philanthropist that is a Style Industry Leader through Entrepreneurship

Heidi Nazarudin – Fashion Blogger and leader of a global online community in connecting social influencers and brands called BloggerBabes

Olivia Jade Giannulli – YouTube celebrity for fashion, health, makeup, and hair. Debuted in Teen Vogue and other publications

Cambrie and Faith Schroder – Style Influencers that inspire and e ducate the young in health and fitness

Marta Pozzan – a unique Style Influencer with bold outfits that are European inspired mixed with American culture. Her blog has been featured in multiple publications

Wendi Young – StyleStage Designer with hundreds of full-scale interior design projects. Young is very talented in interior design and architecture; she is able to create a variety of styles and mixing traditional and modern designs

Last Year’s StyleCon

I had a blast at StyleCon last year and I am extremely excited to attend again. Last year, I received many tote bags full of goodies from hair products to ZeroUV sunglasses. I watched multiple panels and shopping at different booths. There is so much to learn and see at this convention and hope you have a blast like how I will this year. :]

If you want to meet up with me in StyleCon, feel free to message me on my Instagram: @YukiBomb

See you guys there!

StyleCon 2016 will be at the OC Fair! For more details, visit