Black-on-Black For Love and Lemons Black Friday

Yuki Ito at Walt Disney Concert Hall

Meet My Best Friend

For Love and Lemons Black Friday Inspired Outfit

Black Friday is always fun in a stressful way. That statement is kind of contradicting but that is how I view it. Although every place is crowded and hectic, in a way I enjoy the energy of it. The Black Friday deals I’m waiting for is definitely a computer. I’m not sure what model yet, but I definitely need a new one.

One line I’m hoping to find a Black Friday deal with is For Love and Lemons Black Friday. I recently went to a warehouse sample sale and bought so many things. One item I bought was this For Love and Lemons Black Lace bra. It’s super sexy and can be paired with so many outfits. You can wear it under clothing or by itself. If there is going to be a For Love and Lemons Black Friday sale, I’m definitely going to go broke!

Yuki Ito at the Disney Concert Hall

Don’t Look at Me…

The holidays are creeping up on me and that’s because it’s always sunny in California. During the day, it’s okay to wear light, at least in Los Angeles. In this black on black outfit, my favorite piece is the For Love and Lemons lace bra. This bra is so delicate and yet edgy. As for the bottoms, it is very comfortable, ethereal, and flowy. I love the feeling of the light fabric flowing and lightly brushing against the skin of my legs.

Yuki Ito wearing all black

Photo by Adam Hudson

Photographer – Adam Hudson

Yuki Ito Black on Black Outfit

Look At Me

For this photoshoot, it was my first time working with Adam Hudson. As I thought, he is an amazing photographer and even more of an amazing person! He was very professional and yet kept it casual enough to feel comfortable. As we were conversing, I was astounded to the fact that he only does photography as a hobby. When I viewed his profile, I thought he was a full-time photographer so I was very surprised. Although the weather during this shoot was a bit warm, we were able to have fun creating these photos. If you haven’t figured it out, the shoot location was the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Yuki Ito in For Love and Lemons Bra at Disney Concert Hall


The Weekend

black sheer maxi skirt combat boots bralette top

The past weekend I had the honor of being a special guest as an influencer at StyleCon. It was absolutely fun and entertaining. There were so many make up brands, beauty tips, and items that I spent a longer amount of time than expected. If you saw my Periscope (@OgYukiBomb), you probably caught a glimpse of the fun. I walked around and was able to meet so many nice and down to earth people. I made new friends, and bought so many products from SleekHair such as lipstick, concealer, make up brush set, and glitter for the face. There were so many products I didn’t even know existed such as organic nail polish. Outside the event, there were yummy foodtrucks from Asian fusion to Mediterranean food.

Yuki Ito in Black Lace

Lean Back

For Love and Lemons Black Friday should be exciting. Is there anything particular you are looking to buy for Black Friday?! Tell me in the comment box below! <3 xoxo

Classy Black Lace Dress for Fall

 Sexy, Classy Lace

YukiBomb Black Lace Dress

Photo by Matt Sy

Fall is here but it’s still too hot to wear sweaters and jeans. I love this black lace dress because it is easy to wear, breathable, and absolutely pretty. When I wear this dress, I feel like a classy lady and should be well-composed and graceful.

Sexy Black Lace

Photo by Matt Sy


Black Lace Dress

Photo by Matt Sy

The great thing about black lace dresses like the one I am wearing is that it is an effortless piece. I have worn this dress with heels and flats and feel that no matter what you wear with it, it will look great. I bought this dress in a boutique somewhere in DTLA (I don’t remember! Sorry!!) As time passes, I feel that I find myself being attracted to more modest yet textured pieces. It is fun to dress crazily sometimes, but dressing lady-like can make you feel pretty. Whimsicality in lace dresses is the best of my interest within this category. It is a material that moderates your look, but the color of black is always bold and mysterious.

Black Lace Dress & Michael Kors

Photo by Matt Sy

Black Lace Dress

Photo by Matt Sy


Depending on how you wear this dress, it is definitely a piece that is appropriate for many events such as weddings, reunions, parties, dinners, and much more. I have worn this dress to Beauty Con, dinner, and a get together. The open back is a subtle detail that exposes the back vertically and was the eye- catching point for me. The lace makes me feel elegant, the black color feels mysterious, and the open back makes me feel sexy.

Black Lace Dress

Photo by Matt Sy


I feel that the best way to be sexy is doing so moderately. I love dressing elegantly and modestly with a touch of sexiness, which is why this is one of my favorite dresses. I love the black because it gives a vibe that a woman can stand up for herself with dignity.

Black Lace Dress

Photo by Matt Sy


Black Lace Dress

Photo by Matt Sy

Being refined and considerate does not at all mean being a push-over or voicing sentiments that are not your own. On the off chance that your suppositions may be excessively forceful or may be appalling, don’t lie, however change the theme to something else. In the event that somebody asks an audacious inquiry, don’t feel obliged to reply – make a joke, or try to turn the inquiry around.

When you support yourself, express your case without turning to verbally abusing or getting excessively enthusiastic.

Photos by Matt Sy

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Purse by Michael Kors.

Shoes by Zara.

Watch by Marc by Marc Jacobs.