Back to School – New Classes, New Friends, New Clothes, NEW YOU

Going back to school is always extremely exciting, since itโ€™s like a restart button on a video game of school life. Back to school in high school is fun because there’s new and familiar faces. In that case, it is fun to see people changing their styles around you, looking at first impressions, and new clothes. I loved dressing up, customizing my clothes, but comfort was always (and still is) very important to me. I feel that fashion is a creative outlet of expressing oneโ€™s self. So of course, back to school style was super important, especially that first impression of a new you.


New Clothes, NEW YOU

First Day Ensemble

When I was in high school, I was pretty nerdy. I loved anime (still do) but I loved music and fashion. I was on the volleyball team, chess club, math club, business club, karate club, and president of the knitting club (lol).

Work Around Your Dress Code

I remember always being limited and restricted by dress codes up to high school. I never really wanted to show skin, but I wanted to wear tanks, hats, open toed shoes, spikey accessories, destroyed-looking clothes. I noticed that being the well behaved student that I was, I kind of got away with minimal ripped clothes (lol). Also, you can always hide what you are wearing with a cardigan, jacket, or cover up.

New School Year, New Clothes, New You

Get Away from Dress Codes

I think going back to school as a college student is more fun, since you have absolute freedom in fashion. Also, each time you go back to school, you get to meet new people. I know sometimes college can be a little intimidating and you feel a strange competition in the air, but it might just be your imagination. One tip I always given to students in college is that try to be open-minded, respectful, and friendly. Once you can do that, you would be surprised by how many people would open to you. During my first two years of college, I did not care to make friends because I was so focused on studying. I realized later that it was the time to make friends and that college is about balancing yourself. Balancing homework, work, free-time, discipline, and hang outs is what you learn to do in college.

New Classes, New clothes, NEW YOU

More Fashion Freedom in College

In this look, Iโ€™m wearing a tank that was given to me, a button up to cover up, denim shorts, a cap, Nike sneakers, and Marc Jacobs backpack. I like being sporty at school because it is super comfortable. I would not want to wear something troublesome or uncomfortable from 8am-6pm.

College has more freedom in fashion - wear whatever you want

Photo by Matt Sy (IG: M4ttSYKE)

This shoot was super fun because I got to work with a mutual friend. Matt Sy is a photography student and I was very impressed by his skills (especially since he is so young!). It’s nice to work with people who are closer to my age because we can act like kids together. ๐Ÿ˜€ Follow him on IG: @M4TTSYKE

Marc Jacobs backpack for Back to School Outfit

Photo by Matt Sy

How were you guys like in high school or college?

I’m super curious to know so leave a comment! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Back to School - New Classes, New Clothes, New You

Photo by Matt Sy