How to “Build A Character” from VidCon 2015

This past weekend, was my very first time attending VidCon! As we all know, online videos especially on YouTube, is the new staple of online media platforms.


Many YouTube users like me create channels but the first thing we ask ourselves is, “What should I post? What sort of video should I make?” My Youtube Channel is YukiBombOfficial but I have not uploaded any major videos onto my channel. There was one panel that I thought was very helpful for people starting off on YouTube. The panel was called “Building a Character” and it was hosted by comical Buzzfeed YouTube Stars such as Ella Mielniczenko, Ashly Perez, Quinta Brunson, Sara Rubin, and Eugene Yang. I want to share what I learned from this panel.

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Building A Character Panel

“Starting Out”

First is “Starting Out”. The first thing to do when building your character is simply starting with yourself. Think about yourself and how you describe yourself. Begin with broad archetypes and add as you go. For example, you can ask yourself, “Am I an introvert or extrovert?” Anything new is “nerve-racking” and takes courage to start and move forward.

“Refining a Character”

Second is “Refining a Character”. Once you have a base character for yourself, you can refine it and make it come to life. For example, what is the worst case scenario for an awkward and weird girl? When you cannot think about a situation to start with, think about a funny conversation you had with friends. Another crucial tip is after making a video, look at the comments and learn from it.

“Building a World”

Third is “Building a World”. A place creates characteristics and elements that a character can use including culture. Having a friend with you or audience also creates characteristics. For example, the television show, “Zack and Cody” takes place on a ship so the environment is part of a character. Culture also intertwines with character because you can use what is around you. Ask yourself, “How are the viewers responding?”

“Considering the Audience”

Fourth is “Considering the Audience”. Who are you relating to? Someone out there relates to you, what you do, and what you feel. As you realize that relatability, you have a responsibility to keep it consistent. Through that responsibility, build faith and integrity for your audience. Also keep in mind of your character when reacting to social media. By doing so, you’re still being true to your character.

“Building Across Social Platforms”

Last is “Building Across Social Platforms”. As your personality is developed, you get to see what works. There are three crucial points to this last section of building character.

  • Consistency of character across platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.)
  • Diversify format across platforms.
    • Snapchat Teaser, Twitter alert, Facebook photo, Use a different photo for Instagram
  • Frequency – the audience wants to hear more from you so you need to continue posting content.

“Am I the only one to think this?”

Also, a character should not be afraid to be oneself. Thoughts like, “Am I the only one to think this?” are probably the best ideas because it takes courage to represent what you are thinking. Don’t be afraid of giving more of yourself on social media. Viewers are watching you because they like you or relate to you.


Here’s a little video of a live performance by MadMoni on Awesomeness TV Stage over in VidCon. It takes a lot of courage to build character and represent it confidently. :]